GSMA Mobile Money API

As the reach and impact of mobile money increases, so do the demands on the technical platforms that underpin mobile money. Substantial work is required to connect multiple partners in the ecosystem. Mobile money platform vendors are implementing bespoke application programming interface (API) solutions to help. Unfortunately significant time and money is spent on one-to-one vendor connection solutions, which in most cases cannot be reused. Bespoke APIs are causing fragmentation of vendor service APIs, per platform, per service and per region.

The GSMA Mobile Money API is an initiative aimed at helping the mobile money industry speak the same technical language by providing a modern harmonised API for mobile money transactions and management that is both easy to use and secure. This common technical language, the API specification, enables easy integration between mobile money providers and organisations who want to interface with these providers. The API is based on RESTful principles, a common easy to use set of principles used in modern APIs that provide an exceptional level of security.

The GSMA harmonised API initiative has four key focal points:

  • Increasing adoption of the mobile money API through dedicated engagement with mobile money industry players;
  • Developing new versions of the API to bring additional functionality and refinements;
  • Assessing the compatibility of implementers to ensure the API is fully harmonised; and
  • Hosting Mobile Money Hackathons to engage the community, bring awareness and garner feedback for the Mobile Money API.

Mobile Money API Specification Assets and Developer Tools

Access the Specification Assets and Developer Tools for the Mobile Money API here. On this page, you can learn more about the technical principles behind the API and best practice security recommendations, as well as guidance on how providers should implement the API and how client solutions can use it.

Visit the GSMA Mobile Money API Assets

If you are interested in adopting the Mobile Money API or wish to know more about existing adopters, please contact us at


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