Lessons from the use of mobile in utility pay-as-you-go models

January 23, 2017 | Mobile for Development Utilities | East Asia and Pacific | Sub-Saharan Africa | Michael Nique

The latest Insight Report from M4D Utilities explores the fast growing use of mobile to create Pay As You Go (PAYG) models in the Utilities sector. Emerging from the convergence of innovations around the Internet of Things, cloud computing and mobile financial services, the PAYG model is increasingly impacting lives around the globe. The model is reaching scale with close to 800,000 home solar systems having been installed, and has attracted more than USD 360 million in the past four years, an unprecedented amount for the off grid energy sector. Our new report explores learnings from M4D Utilities Innovation Fund case studies and general industry trends in the energy, water and sanitation sectors, to identify how mobile can further support the emergence of innovative utility models and sustain this growth.


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