Agritech innovation in Latin America: opportunities for smallholders

Thursday 21 Jan 2021 | AgriTech | AgriTech solutions | Digitisation of agricultural value chains | English | Financial inclusion for farmers | Latin America & the Caribbean | Resource | Spanish | Video |

This video highlights the importance of digital innovation in addressing key challenges faced by smallholder farmers in Latin America and the Caribbean. It identifies opportunities for donors, investors and other stakeholders to support digital interventions that could deliver long-term, sustainable economic and social benefits for farmers.

To gain a deep understanding of the potential of digital agriculture to support smallholder farmers in the region, please refer to our published report: Landscaping the agritech ecosystem for smallholder farmers in Latin America and the Caribbean or contact the GSMA AgriTech team at to contribute to the discussion.

Please scroll down the page to find the video in Spanish.

Agritech innovation in Latin America: Opportunities for smallholders

Innovación agrotecnológica en América Latina: Oportunidades para pequeños agricultores

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