Changing the agri-investment landscape in Africa

Thursday 8 Oct 2020 | AgriTech | Resource | Thrive Africa Shorts | Video |

Despite the increased availability of investor capital supporting start-ups in Sub-Saharan Africa, funding remains a major challenge for the agritech sector. In 2019, African agritech start-ups only raised around 4 per cent of all the funds raised by start-ups in the continent above the value of USD 1 million. The misconception that returns on investment (ROI) in agritech should resemble ROI trajectories of typical tech companies represents a key barrier to investment, however, a growing number of investors are starting to understand the complexities involved in the agricultural sector. Tune in to hear about the key opportunity areas and nascent use cases for driving growth in digital agriculture from Toyin Emmanuel-Olubake, Associate Director of Portfolio, Acumen Nigeria and Lavanya Anand, Vice President at VestedWorld.

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