Digital Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Toolkit

Monday 3 Nov 2014 | Ecosystem Accelerator | English | Global | Resource | State of the industry and trends | Toolkit |

Creating an environment that will catalyse the growth of developing world technology start-ups involves tackling complex issues and understanding perspectives from many different stakeholders. Because this area is relatively new, it can be frustrating to figure out where to start and how to identify data sources: a simple and easy-to-use toolkit to conduct quick analysis and drive productive conversations is needed.

This toolkit was created to support the GSMA’s Digital Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Kenya research, which was supported by Omidyar Network and the UK Government. While the tool itself is still work-in-progress, we hope that it will help other organizations to: scope and organize research, identify data sources quickly, and recognise risks/issues in planning or execution.

If you have any questions about the toolkit, please contact Marissa Drouillard.


This document was originally produced as part of the former Mobile for Development Impact programme.

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