Digital Health: A health system strengthening tool for developing countries

Monday 8 Jun 2020 | Central Insights Unit | Health | Report |

Digital Health: A health system strengthening tool for developing countries image

Digital solutions have proven to be excellent tools to address systemic challenges, particularly by enabling communication within and between various parts of the healthcare value chain. Our research highlights tangible examples of digital health and digital solutions that are strengthening health systems across the developing world.

We identified 13 key private sector business models as major applications of digital solutions. The report also highlights best practices for reaching the underserved through digital health solutions. Country overviews were also prepared to provide some context for the health and digital health systems.

The report is shaped by interviews with health and digital health experts across seven developing countries. Their views about the key healthcare challenges indicated the relatively equal importance of seven key health system components. While there are some key short term actions to be taken, our interviewees provided us with their thoughts on some of the more strategic issues that stakeholders need to consider to strengthen digital health systems.

This has enabled us to provide some strategic recommendations for key healthcare stakeholders, including development partners and NGOs, start-ups, mobile operators, investors, governments and Ministries of Health.

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