GSMA Mobile for Development Climate Impact Narrative

Wednesday 4 Oct 2023 | Climate | Global | Mobile for Development | Report | Resource |

GSMA Mobile for Development Climate Impact Narrative image

Across all of the GSMA Mobile for Development (M4D) programmes we prioritise three key impact areas: gender inclusivity, climate change and, through the GSMA Innovation Fund mechanism, investment in scalable innovations. Within the realm of climate change, M4D has been working alongside donors for over a decade to support low-carbon and climate resilience digital solutions that leverage mobile technologies. Their goal is to harness the power of these technologies to create innovative pathways for mitigating emissions, bridging the adaptation gap and achieving the objectives outlined in the Paris Agreement.

To understand and assess our impact in each of these areas we’ve developed an impact narrative to identify the problems our programmes aim to tackle, shared outcomes and establish measurement approaches to assess impact at both programme and portfolio levels. Critically this enables us to collect and analyse climate data, enabling a comprehensive understanding of M4D’s climate work. Additionally, it facilitates continuous learning and data-driven adaptation by providing insights into M4D’s contribution to impact and outcome-level changes.

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