Inclusive Digital Agriculture: Making value chains work for farmers with disabilities

Tuesday 27 Apr 2021 | AgriTech | AgriTech solutions | Assistive Tech | Digital inclusion for persons with disability | Digitisation of agricultural value chains | English | Financial inclusion for farmers | Global | Mobile for Development | Report | Resource |

Inclusive Digital Agriculture: Making value chains work for farmers with disabilities image

Smallholder farmers play a key role in food production globally, yet, they face a number of challenges that have an impact on livelihoods including poor access to services, markets and assets. For farmers with disabilities, there are even greater barriers to their inclusion in farming activities that can be categorised into systemic, attitudinal and environmental.

While there is currently limited research on disability inclusion in the agricultural value chain, there is a growing evidence that digital agriculture solutions can empower farmers with disabilities, and support them as they participate and engage in socio-economic activities.

For the agricultural sector, digital solutions can address barriers for farmers with disabilities and improve how agribusinesses and farmers interact. The current growing focus on enabling better access to markets, through e-commerce and digital procurement solutions, as well as on mobile money services have expanded the ways with which we can address these barriers.

For the first time, this report provides evidence of the barriers facing farmers with disabilities in the agricultural value chain in Low and Middle-Income Countries and the opportunities to support disability inclusion in agriculture through digital tools.

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