Intelligent Utilities for All

Monday 25 Feb 2019 | Digital Utilities | Energy | English | Global | Innovation fund and grants | Mobile access and use | Report | Sanitation | State of the industry and trends | Water |

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In this year’s Mobile for Development (M4D) Utilities Annual Report, we are proud to present sector trends through a complete review of the portfolio of organisations the programme has supported through its Innovation Fund. We are excited to see evidence that the mobile industry is recognising the primed business opportunity in the utility sector, and that this is leading to more mature and effective partnerships between mobile operators and service providers across the three sectors. Yet, globally, we still face profound challenges – urbanisation, climate change and economic inequality in particular – that disproportionately affect the poor who lack energy, water and sanitation services. By seeding the next generation of solutions, and supporting proven business models to scale, we believe the M4D Utilities programme will keep helping the mobile industry address these challenges.