mAgri Case Study: Nokia Life Agriculture Service

Monday 11 Mar 2013 | AgriTech | Case study | Global | Product development and product design | Resource | Social impact and behavioural change | User insights and data |

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[Update Jan 2014: In the second half of 2013, Nokia made some key changes and decided to ramp down Nokia Life. As of 1st January 2014, Nokia Life services were shut down in Indonesia, China and Nigeria. Nokia Life services, including the mAgri services continue to operate in India. ]

By the end of February 2013 over 95 million people had experienced Nokia Life services. Launched in India in 2009, Nokia Life scaled to Indonesia in late 2009, China in May 2010, Nigeria in June 2011 and at the time of publishing (March 2013), the service was also available in Kenya.

This case study explores the success factors of the Nokia Life service and spotlights the agricultural service, with a particular focus on the content development process. Nokia Life Agriculture services provide farmers with tailored crop tips, agriculture news, market prices, weather information and advisory via richly formatted messages using SMS as the delivery channel

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