Mobile money’s socio-economic impact: Evidence from the global industry and Ethiopia

Tuesday 31 Oct 2023 | Central Insights Unit | English | Financial inclusion for women | Mobile for Development | Mobile health | Mobile Money | Mobile money subject | Resource | Video |

This session was featured in Financial Inclusion Week 2023.

In low- and middle-income countries, mobile money is an important pathway to financial inclusion for the unbanked and it has the potential to result in significant welfare and economic gains.

Against this backdrop, the GSMA conducted research to investigate the positive macroeconomic impact and socio-economic benefits of mobile money adoption and usage at the global level, using original supply-side data behind the State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money.

Considering recent regulatory reforms in Ethiopia, the GSMA also looked at the projected impact of mobile money under various adoption scenarios in the country and identified the conditions and enablers for mobile money to develop in Ethiopia.

This session presents key findings from the GSMA Mobile for Development foundation’s latest research, looking at global and country-level econometric analyses on the socio-economic impact of mobile money followed by a Q&A with the authors.


Christopher Lowe, Senior Insights Manager, Mobile Money

Gianluca Storchi, Senior Data Analyst, Mobile Money

Eugenie Humeau, Insights Manager, Central Insights Unit

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