PEG Ghana: Licensing Solar-as-a-Service in a new market

Friday 18 Mar 2016 | Case study | Digital Utilities | Energy | English | Ghana | Innovation fund and grants | partnership-hub | Private-MNO | Resource | Sub-Saharan Africa |

PEG Ghana: Licensing Solar-as-a-Service in a new market image

PEG Ghana received a grant from the M4D Utilities Innovation Fund in December 2013 to replicate two different Solar-as-a-Service business models and technologies from Tanzania to Ghana: solar home systems and micro-grids. PEG licensed the technology and software, and built local sales, distribution and service operations to develop their own business providing off-grid, low-income Ghanaian households with lighting, phone charging, radios and TVs. They worked with multiple mobile network operators to trial mobile money payments, GSM-based machine-to-machine monitoring, and mobile services for communication with customers. This case study highlights the successes and challenges faced along the way and presents the key lessons learned from the grant.

Download: PEG Ghana: Licensing Solar-as-a-Service in a New Market


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