Rajendra, mobile agriculture and health, India

Tuesday 6 Aug 2013 | AgriTech | English | India | Life stories | mHealth | Resource | Resource Type | South Asia | Type | Video |

We find Rajendra in Lakhori village, Uttar Pradesh. He’s been using a mobile service from HandyGo that enables him to improve the outputs of his small farm. Using his mobile, he can gather information on a wide spectrum of crop-related issues. Specifically, he’s able to research the quality of seeds before he buys and local market prices before he sells. By using this service, he’s managed to double the production of his Bajra and sugarcane crops.

He also uses his mobile to seek medical advice for his young children. He’s able to consult with doctors about necessary injections and medicines which he describes as an “immense relief”. He’s also finding value in some mobile-based courses which teach his children English and basic computer training. Now life he says “seems easier….there are no restrictions”.

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