State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money 2023

Tuesday 18 Apr 2023 | Financial inclusion for women | Mobile access and use | Mobile for Development | Mobile internet for women | Mobile Money | Mobile money subject | Policy and regulation | Resource | Video |

Mobile money has experienced tremendous growth over the past two decades, cementing itself as a mainstream financial service. As it continues to grow, demonstrating incredible resilience over the pandemic and beyond, the industry is diversifying rapidly.

The industry is entering new markets and forging new industry partnerships and offering a range of innovative products and services that are helping millions of people pay their bills, send money abroad, increase their income, manage their savings and access social support.

But there’s still work to be done. Some 1.4 billion people remain unbanked and disconnected from formal financial services, saying nothing of the 800 million mobile money account users that are not active on a regular basis.

We need to ensure that services remain accessible, affordable and safe for all users to help drive financial inclusion, build economies, and even help to close the gender gap.

By helping to power digital finance for all, mobile money continues to transform our world and our future.

To download the report please visit out webpage: WWW.GSMA.COM/SOTIR

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