Tanzania’s Digitalisation Journey: Opportunities for value creation

Tuesday 24 Jan 2023 | Central Insights Unit | English | Mobile for Development | Policy and regulation | Report | Research | Resource | Sub-Saharan Africa | Tanzania |

Tanzania’s Digitalisation Journey: Opportunities for value creation image

Digital and technology-based solutions and processes have become integral to advancing sustainable and inclusive development across the globe. Tanzania is still at a relatively early stage of incorporating digital technologies in public and private sector-led initiatives that aims to benefit the country’s society and economy. There is however significant government interest in digitalising key sectors of society and the economy, as reflected in the country’s five-year national development plan.

To achieve its national goal of turning the country into a regional digital hub, Tanzania will require significant investments. However, the country has several competing priorities, therefore any investments to support Tanzania’s digitalisation agenda will need deliberate efforts based on informed guidance.

This study, aims to support wider government efforts by investigating the drivers of digitalisation in Tanzania, investments and policy enablers, gaps and ecosystem challenges, reasons for blockers to faster digitalisation, existing strengths that can be harnessed, and opportunities for value creation in the digital economy. The study also identifies actions and agendas that need to be prioritised for faster results.

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