The Mobile Disability Gap Report 2021

Friday 3 Dec 2021 | Assistive Tech | Connected Society | Digital inclusion for persons with disability | English | Global | Mobile access and use | Report | Research |

The Mobile Disability Gap Report 2021 image

Mobile devices and services offer life-changing benefits to persons with disabilities, enabling more independent living. However, GSMA research shows that despite this potential, many persons with disabilities remain unconnected and digitally excluded.

Data on the digital inclusion of persons with disabilities is scarce and often unreliable. This report seeks to address this by generating evidence on the ownership and usage of mobile by persons with disabilities, drawing on the GSMA Consumer Survey in low- and middle-income countries. This includes the mobile disability gap in ownership, including smartphone ownership, and mobile internet usage, as well as the barriers to usage experienced by persons with disabilities. The report also highlights key actions stakeholders can take to address the mobile disability gap.



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