The State of Mobile Money: Insights from Industry

Wednesday 16 Aug 2023 | Accelerating Digital and Financial Inclusion | Financial inclusion for women | Mobile access and use | Mobile for Development | Mobile health | Mobile Money | Mobile Money Programme - filter | Mobile money subject | Video |

Mobile money has experienced tremendous growth over the past two decades, cementing itself as a mainstream financial service. As it continues to grow, demonstrating incredible resilience over the pandemic and beyond, the industry is diversifying rapidly.

Hear more from industry leaders as they share their thoughts on mobile money growth, trends, and their own unique insights by addressing three key questions:


1) What is mobile money’s greatest untapped potential?

2) What is mobile money’s role in improving financial health and resilience?

3) What are you most excited about for the next decade of mobile money?


Speaker in this video:

Ashley Olson Onyango – Head of Financial Inclusion & AgriTech, GSMA

Cedric Lemaire – Head of core business, digital and partnerships, Orange Money

Mary Ellen Iskenderian – President and Chief Executive Officer at Women’s World Banking

Max Cuvellier – Head of Mobile for Development (M4D), GSMA

Nika Naghavi – Group Head of Growth, MFS Africa

Sachini De Silva – Head of Mobile Money, Dialog Axiata (EZCash)

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