Tigo Rwanda: Empowering women agents

Wednesday 19 Apr 2017 | Connected Women | English | Financial inclusion for women | Gender | Mobile internet for women | Rwanda | Sub-Saharan Africa | Video |

Tigo Rwanda signed the GSMA Connected Women Commitment Initiative in which they committed to increase the proportion of women in their mobile money customer base. Research has highlighted that lack of trust in digital financial services was because of the level of customer service the women were getting from male agents. The Tigo Women Entrepreneurship fund was set up to recruit, train and offer initial funding to women so that they could become Tigo Cash agents. To date (April 2017), Tigo Rwanda has empowered over 70 women as Tigo cash agents and the impact on the women’s lives and businesses is beginning to show. Tigo Rwanda aims to have more than 1,200 women agents by the end of 2017.