GSMA MWC Barcelona: Hosting the world’s largest connectivity event, sustainably

GSMA MWC Barcelona has long been the place for key players across the connectivity ecosystem to come together, check out the innovations of tomorrow, network, and generate deals. But how do you host the world’s technology community in the most sustainable manner possible?

A sustainable venue

Starting with the venue, we have a great partner in Fira de Barcelona, the home of MWC and a venue that is strongly committed to sustainable development, protection of the environment, a circular economy, and the fight against climate change.

Energy is central to Fira’s sustainability strategy. It uses 100% green energy from renewable sources to power everything from the stands to the exhibition spaces and venue facilities – 40% of this energy is produced in local wind farms, preventing losses on the electrical grid.

In fact, Fira de Barcelona has embraced the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the framework of the 2030 Agenda and has applied them to every area of its operations – from its commitment to its staff, through to its energy consumption, waste management, food & beverage service and even its social work within the local area. So how is this reflected at MWC?

Leaving a positive impact on the local community

This year, we’re excited to announce that MWC Barcelona 2023 will be the first large-scale event to recycle aisle carpets used during the show. Made possible thanks to our partnership with Fira de Barcelona, over 70,000m2 of recycled polypropylene carpet will be repurposed after the show for a second life as a new carpet, in furniture accessories, plant pots and more.

Recycling all of the aisle carpets used during the show is part of our commitment to have a positive impact on our host city and our mission to find new ways of reducing the impact of our events. We are also proud to be working with Fira’s Gastrofira to donate healthy food surpluses from the show through the “Barcelona shares food” programme.

The aim of the initiative is to reduce food waste at the show and ultimately support people at risk of exclusion. By working with NGO Nutrition without Borders, new and unused food materials, including cooking oils, cutlery, crockery and more will be donated to Barcelona City Hall to be distributed by organisations such as the Red Cross and Rastro Solidario.

We take conscious steps in the planning and management of the show to minimise waste produced as a result of the event. It’s an ethos that reflects the GSMA’s long-time championing of and advocating for sustainable practices in the connectivity industry, and we’re delighted to see this reflected by exhibitors as the industry moves towards a circular economy for mobile devices and network equipment. To this end, we recommend you visit the GSMA Pavilion (Hall 4, Stand 4F30) to view “Circulation by Kingfisher”. This kinetic art piece is designed to show how, through circulation, new and used mobile devices are still a valuable resource in their second, third and fourth lifetimes.

Supporting our attendees with sustainable choices

For those people attending the show, we actively encourage the use of Barcelona’s public transport network to travel to and from the event. That’s why we are providing a free public transport pass to all attendees. The passes are valid for the entire four days of the event for zone 1 travel, plus one trip to the airport.

The free transport passes will be available to collect from Fira Gran Via – don’t forget yours!

Collection times are:

Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th February, 09:00-20:00 CET, South entrance
Monday 27th February – Wednesday 1st March, 09:00-20:00 CET, North and South entrances
Thursday 2nd March, 09:00-16:00 CET, North and South entrances

Certified carbon neutral for eight consecutive years

MWC Barcelona has been certified carbon neutral for eight consecutive years, and the Environmental Programme is our carbon neutrality initiative set up to reduce the environmental impact of our business.

Working closely alongside Barcelona City Council, L’Hospitalet City Council, Fira de Barcelona, exhibitors and local partners, the programme’s objectives are to reduce the environmental footprint of our events; encourage our attendees to engage in green practices; identify new and additional opportunities to continue reducing the impact of our events; and influence suppliers and exhibitors to minimise the carbon footprint of their attendance, wherever possible.

The programme provides guidance for all MWC attendees on ways they can limit the impact of their attendance at the show. This includes steps as easy as making the most of our digital services instead of printing – so using a virtual badge for access or our app for event information and directions; elsewhere, attendees can refer to the programme to learn how they can calculate and offset their carbon footprint when travelling to and from Barcelona.

Register today

So why not register today to join us at MWC Barcelona 2023? It’s a chance to find out how you can supercharge your business for the future, while safe in the knowledge you’re attending one of the greenest events on the planet.

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