Refugees and Connectivity

A selection of news reports and advocacy films illustrating the importance of connectivity and mobile phones to refugees.

Giving a voice to Syrian refugees in Turkey | #CaseForChange

Mobile Technology is a Lifeline

Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, Tanzania

How do refugees making the perilous trip to Europe use their phones to help with the journey? A BBC Media Action film turns your handset into a refugee’s phone to explain.

How smartphones overcome loneliness for refugees: the story of a Syrian grandmother in Lebanon, and how connectivity keeps her family in touch.

The story of Syria-Tel: the hill in Zataari camp where residents go to connect to Syrian phone networks and make precious calls to relatives at home.

UNHCR’s Hive project on why mobile phones – and online social networking platforms – are so essential to refugees.

CBS News report on the importance of smartphones and apps to refugees on the journey to Europe.

Maamun is a mobile phone repair man in Zataari camp. This is the trailer for a forthcoming film about his life, and the significance of his work to camp residents. The film is supported by Oxfam.

Deutsche Welle tells the story of a young Syrian couple and how they used their phones to reach Germany.

UNHCR Ambassador Cate Blanchett addresses a Google Zeitgest event, speaking about the importance of connectivity to refugees she met in Jordan.

REFUNITE, together with Ericsson, the United Nations and multiple mobile network operators, harnesses the power and scale of mobile to reconnect people with loved ones.