How can you prevent IRSF?


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IRSF costs the industry billions of dollars every year since fraudsters are difficult to identify and most fraud solutions are about detection after the event, rather than prevention.

Fraudsters artificially inflate SMS and voice traffic to International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRNs) so they can generate revenue from it, called International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF).

Our new GSMA IRSF Prevention service is an important development in telecom fraud countermeasures because it gives you the data you need to intercept an attack before it happens – through large-scale coverage with real-time data. So, you can stop revenue loss before it starts.



Moreover, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to distinguish valid SMS and voice traffic from AIT. One reason is because SMS AIT is experiencing rapid growth and just one scripting attack generates millions of artificial SMS, in particular, One Time Passwords (OTP). This puts the complete Application to Person (A2P) SMS ecosystem, and therefore business messaging, at risk.

How can you tell if a telephone number is at risk?

We operate an Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) platform, allowing us to identify and collect high-risk numbers, as well as identify and prevent Wangiri* and SMS attacks.

*where fraudsters leave missed calls to many subscribers using IPRNs, with the expectation that many will call back on these numbers.