IRSF Prevention

How can you prevent IRSF?

International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) costs the industry billions of dollars every year, since fraudsters are difficult to identify and many fraud solutions are about detection after the event, rather than prevention.

Our new suite of IRSF Prevention services is an important development in telecom fraud countermeasures because it gives you the IRSF tools to intercept an attack before it happens. So, you can stop revenue loss before it starts.

How can you tell if a telephone number is at risk?

We use new data gathering techniques that continually identify high-risk numbers before they are used. We can provide this information in near real-time for blocking purposes.

Choose the service(s) that are right for you

GSMA IRSF Prevention Database

A global database of all high-risk international revenue share fraud (IRSF) numbers. Numbers are captured on a global basis, 24/7, updated every 20 seconds, ensuring you can act on real-time data.

GSMA IRSF Prevention Alert

Be instantly alerted when fraudsters are testing IRSF, especially when it relates to your network or country. This timely data is critical to anticipating an imminent attack and therefore preventing IRSF. It also informs you when calls to your numbers are short-stopped by fraudsters.

GSMA IRSF Prevention Check

A look-up service that allows you to search our IRSF database to view all available fraud information, including historical events, on any given number. Numbers can be searched singularly or in bulk.

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