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ATEC provides PAYG eCook stoves for the very lowest income customers, with GSM tracking of climate impact.


In Bangladesh, 65% of households still use biomass for cooking. The emissions and smoke inhalation resulting from dirty cooking methods cause multiple health issues, particularly for women. For households earning less than $10 a day, 1.5 days a month are spent collecting wood, while up to three hours a day are spent on household chores due to inefficient cooking.


ATEC developed an electromagnetic induction stove that provides clean cooking, available on a PAYG basis, making them affordable even for those on the lowest incomes. The GSMA worked with ATEC in March 2022 to develop and launch an Android mobile app integrated with eCook stoves. The app shows users real-time electricity usage data, payment status and any carbon offset data, enabling them to pay as little as $5 a month. The stove will also automatically mint Gold Standard-certified carbon credits. These credits can be sold to ATEC’s international corporate partners and on carbon markets. The benefits from the sale of carbon credits will be shared with users by subsidising their monthly instalments.


Since partnering with the GSMA, ATEC has:

– Onboarded an additional 4,754 eCook users by the end of the grant in September 2023, bringing the total number of eCook users to more than 6,000.

– Diverted 1,705 tonnes of carbon emissions during the grant period.

– Signed a purchase agreement with renewable energy company ENGIE for the purchase of 11.5 million tonnes of carbon credits.

A message from the founder/CEO

ATEC is accelerating the clean cooking solution with the most affordable Paygo technology, GSM connected eCook, that reaches underserved-unbanked-urban populations along with generating carbon credits through offsetting carbon emissions.”

– Ben Jeffreys, CEO

Founder and CEO
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Ben Jeffreys

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