Tanzania | Regenerative agriculture

The problem

Tanzania’s agriculture sector represents 26% of GDP, with 80% of households actively engaged in farming. Over 67,000 smallholder farmers in the Dodoma and Singida regions are grappling with the impacts of climate change, such as erratic weather conditions and rising temperatures. These factors have led to reduced agricultural productivity and soil degradation, exacerbating food insecurity. Access to financial services remains a challenge, further amplifying this impact.

The company

BizyTech Limited is a pioneering force in revolutionising the agricultural landscape with ‘KILIMO BaNDO’, a comprehensive suite of digital products and services for stakeholders in the farming sector, facilitated by the KILIMO Data Hub platform. With a firm commitment to sustainability, the company’s digital solutions optimise farming practices, enhances productivity, contributes to food security and improves farmers’ income.

Project description

The KILIMO BORA Sustainable Agribusiness project harnesses the power of AI and satellite imagery to revolutionise farming practices for smallholder farmers in Tanzania. By employing cutting-edge technology, the project assesses the soil health of specific locations, and in turn, provides tailored, agricultural actionable recommendations. The solution is accessible via SMS and USSD.

This approach not only enhances soil quality but also significantly improves crop yields, and consequently improves the income of smallholder farmers. In doing so, KILIMO BORA is paving the way for sustainable agribusiness practices, promoting precision agriculture and empowering farmers with data-driven insights.


From left to right: Mahmoud Hamis Shoo and  Rahim Hamza Shoo

From left to right: Adriano Domick Luboja and Alphonce Shoto Joseph Shija

From left to right: Yethroy Jerome Ngaunje  and Yohana Edward Lyanga


Quote from Founder

“The transformative potential of technology is reshaping agriculture, rendering it both accessible and efficient. KILIMO BORA stands for our unwavering commitment to empowering farmers and laying the foundation for a sustainable future. In its essence, KILIMO BORA embodies BizyTech’s overarching vision: a digitally empowered agricultural ecosystem that catalyses positive change within farming communities.”

-Mahmoud Hamis Shoo



Bizy Ltd Team

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