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Nigeria | Sustainable Consumption - Food Loss and Waste

The problem

In Nigeria, where over 90% of agricultural production relies on rain, 64% of the total land is at risk of desertification. Over the past decade, more than 70% of farmers and pastoralists have witnessed dwindling vegetation, reduced water levels, and a decline in tree species diversity and wildlife. This leads to intensifying competition for vital resources like feed and water and consequently, a decline in milk production among pastoralist communities. This link between climate change, reduced milk production, and desertification underscores the urgency of addressing these challenges through Câm Diary’s innovative solutions.

The company

Câm is a pastoralist-driven dairy company based in Nigeria. We’re building a new economy that’s centred around real dairy – one that reintroduces fresh milk to Nigerian households, nourishes our growing population and eradicates poverty for our pastoralist suppliers. Câm builds capacity and infrastructure to enable poor pastoralists to earn a daily income from their milk. It creates demand for pastoralists’ milk by purchasing the milk, processing it into dairy products and marketing and selling it to consumers.

Project description

Câmpion Finance is an innovative project that leverages mobile technology to enrich pastoralist communities in Nigeria through:
1. Driving demand for their milk hence increasing market access and income.
2. Providing training on milk hygiene, animal health, and nutrition to mitigate milk loss and spoilage, consequently also boosting their earning potential.
3. Facilitating access to financial products, including loans and insurance, while delivering comprehensive workshops on digital skills and financial literacy. These initiatives are aimed at fostering inclusion into the formal economy.

The overarching goal is to enhance the resilience of pastoralist communities in the face of climate change, creating sustainable and positive transformations in the dairy industry while driving economic empowerment at the grassroots level.


Aisha Bashir – CEO & Founder

Quote from Founder

“A pastoralist-driven dairy industry is a powerful vehicle for tackling rural poverty and food security, which have all been affected by climate change. Over the past 3 years, we’ve seen a 1.7x increase in the average income of participating pastoralists. 96% of participating households achieved higher incomes since working with Câm. 3 in 10 pastoralists who work with Câm have experienced a climate shock or stress within the past year, and more than half of those affected have attributed their faster recovery and increased resilience to their engagement with Câm. It feels incredible to see the impact we’ve made in just a few years. We are just getting started and I believe our model will have a transformative impact on the lives of Nigerians.”


43 staff members.


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