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CoAmana’s digital agricultural marketplace management and trade platform provides farmers and stakeholders in the agri-value chain with essential digital tools. This platform improves agricultural productivity and helps farmers manage financial risks related to drought conditions, purchase drought-resistant seeds and access information on best practices and financial services.


More than 70% of Nigerians live in rural agrarian communities affected by rising populations and desertification. Farm production in northern Nigeria is disrupted by heavy rains and prolonged periods of drought, and farmers lack access to information and crucial products like drought-resistant seeds.


CoAmana’s digital platform provides tools that support sales and procurement, facilitate price comparisons, enable digital payments, offer embedded financial services like digital credit and insurance and provide digital information, such as best practices and weather updates. CoAmana received a GSMA grant in November 2022 to enable 5,000 farmers to adopt best practices and for new users to use the Amana Market platform to explore information on adaptation to climate change and resilience, as well as access drought-resistant seeds and other outputs.


Since partnering with the GSMA, CoAmana has:
– Increased the number of farmers on their digital platform from zero to 9,593 – including 1,355 women – who use their digital products (USSD, web and mobile app) to order products and access climate-smart SMS and payment plans.
– Had more than 250 suppliers and sales agents get produce from farmers on their platforms.

A message from the founder

“What we are seeing today is tragic; the floods, the droughts, the short rains and the security crisis that is emerging from these occurrences. We can neither think slow nor small because the world is already late to act. CoAmana is and will continue to employ inclusive digital technology to accelerate the evolution of agriculture markets in Africa towards more resilience”

– Hafsah Jumare, Founder


Hafsah Jumare

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