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Ensibuuko is a fintech that promotes the adoption of digital financial products and improving access to mobile devices and services in rural areas. 


Savings groups in rural Uganda tend to rely on paper records and analogue systems that are not connected to the larger financial ecosystem. Savings groups lack both knowledge of relevant digital products and services and the skills required to use them. These are major barriers to rural customers adopting internet services.


Ensibuuko received a GSMA grant in March 2021 to develop a digital skills training kit for rural customers that would leverage their existing network of digital field agents to deliver digital literacy training to village savings groups in various rural locations.



Since partnering with the GSMA, Ensibuuko has:

– Reached more than 236,000 members of rural savings groups, providing them with digital skills training and access to their e-ledger interface. Of these members, more than 60% are women.

– Raised $1 million through FCA Investments to recruit talent and scale in Uganda.

– Replicated their digital skills training in Malawi in partnership with the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and Community Savings and Investment Promotion (COMSIP), registering 50,000 users.

Scaling Journey

Infographic depicting Ensiuuko's growth timeline. Founded in Uganda in 2014, the fintech company raised funds in stages: $20k in 2015, $500k grants in 2018, $1M investment in 2020, and a $1.5M grant in 2021. By 2020, it had 230,900 users and raised $1.9M+.

A message from the founder

“We may never achieve financial inclusion in Africa until we get unbanked communities to go online, plain and simple.”

– Gerald Otim, Founder and CEO, Ensibuuko


Gerald Otim

Team | 11 - 50 Employees


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