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GeoKrishi helps smallholder farmers adapt to climate stressors and adopt climate-smart agricultural practices through digital learning content and advisory services.


Without technical understanding or advice, smallholder farmers in Nepal are unable to respond to the risks of climate change. Extension services, climate-smart tools and technologies are often inefficient and not tailored to the changing climate.


GeoKrishi is Nepal’s first fully integrated, data-driven digital agriculture platform designed to help remove the financial, technical and cultural barriers preventing farmers from accessing and using information to improve farm productivity and maximise profitability. The GSMA supported GeoKrishi to upgrade their existing system to expand the reach of their bundled smart agricultural solutions. The GSMA grant was also used to build a sustainable public-private-community business model by engaging closely with local government, local service providers and farmer cooperatives.


Since partnering with the GSMA, GeoKrishi has:

– Onboarded 145,860 farmers to their mobile app, and more than 25,000 users have adopted the climate-smart features that were launched as part of the grant.

– Partnered with GSMA Innovation Fund grantee eSewa to explore financing services for smallholder farmers in Nepal.

A message from the founder

“Agriculture is no longer just farming, it is a business. It is important to attract our youth and farming communities for catalyzing agricultural transformation through data, analytics and digital technological innovation that bridges the gap between science and practices.”

– Rajan Bajracharya, Founder

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Rajan Bajracharya

Team | 11-50 employees

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