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Hello Tractor is a digital platform connecting tractor owners and farmers through a farm equipment-sharing app and GPS fleet management solution. This helps farming communities improve planning and preparedness amid unpredictable rainfall patterns.


Manual labour is 2.5 times more expensive and 40 times slower than modern tractors. Despite the inefficiency, smallholder  farmers in Africa cannot afford machinery like tractors and combine harvesters. Irregular and unpredictable rainfall patterns, combined with a lack of knowledge about mechanisation, have led to significant delays in tractor service, the underuse of machinery and low crop yields.


Hello Tractor’s digital platform enables farmers to request affordable tractor services through community-based agents, while tractor owners have the enhanced security of remote asset tracking and virtual monitoring. Hello Tractor has expanded to 16 African countries and grown to more than 4,500 tractors and combines, servicing more than a million farmers and 2.9 million acres, all organised through a network of more than 2,500 booking agents. Hello Tractor received a GSMA grant in November 2022 to optimise tractor service, harvesting and yield, and build a more resilient, adaptive community of farmers and tractor owners.


Since partnering with the GSMA, Hello Tractor has:
– Serviced more than 600 hectares by tractor.
– Launched a mechanisation hub in Nassarawa State, Nigeria.
– Received $5 million from Absa Bank for their PAYG tractor financing product, which financed 100 new tractors and implements in Kenya, created an additional 3,000 direct jobs and mechanised more than 300,000 farmers who produced nearly a million metric tonnes of food.

A message from the founder

“The need for strengthening climate resilience in potential markets in Africa has only become more acute with geo-political turmoil in the Ukraine and Russia – one of the 5 bread-baskets in the world.”

– Jehiel Oliver, Founder



Jehiel Oliver

Team | 51–200 employees

Hellp Tractor CEO and Founder

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