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I-Stem offers AI-enabled digital services to provide high-quality accessible documents for persons with disabilities.


Most persons with visual impairments, especially those in school or at work, face challenges with inaccessible documents, media and apps, and are not aware of the latest assistive technologies, leading to exclusion of students and employees. Lack of access to digital information hinders access to opportunities and the growth of persons with visual and hearing impairments.


I-Stem enhances access for persons with disabilities in education and employment through a web portal that offers accessibility conversion services and digital learning resources. In July 2021, the GSMA supported I-Stem to convert the I-Stem web portal into a mobile app that leverages AI to provide document and audio/visual accessibility services. This will aid users with visual and hearing impairments. I-Stem will also provide digital learning resources for persons with disabilities.


Since partnering with the GSMA, I-Stem has:

– Served more than 7,200 users, 20% of whom are women, through the I-Stem app, providing access to document, audio, video and app accessibility services.

– Created 10 B2B partnerships with educational institutions such as universities, as well as companies and government.

– Secured a partnership with Dialog Axiata to replicate their solution in Sri Lanka (yet to be commercially launched).

A message from the founder

“When you do not provide access to online information for someone who is blind or low vision or otherwise print disabled, then you’re basically not providing them the opportunity to succeed.”

– Kartik Sawhney, Co-founder, @istemindia


Shokul Shankar

Team | 1–10 employees


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