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J-Palm Liberia manufactures natural health and beauty products using palm kernels, using blockchain technology for improved traceability.


Liberia’s rural smallholder farming communities lack access to processing machinery and markets for their palm kernels. As a result, they largely throw away the palm kernels, losing thousands of dollars in potential income. This technology gap has caused these communities to miss out on significant economic development opportunities.


J-Palm received a GSMA grant in November 2022 to develop two mobile blockchain apps to create transparency and traceability in Liberia’s wild harvest palm oil supply chains. This will ensure the protection of palm forests while also improving incomes and livelihoods for 7,500 palm harvesters, delivering a sustainable, no-deforestation palm product that makes communities more resilient to climate change.


Since partnering with the GSMA, J-Palm has:

– Registered 2,532 harvesters and collectors on their mobile app, including 1,422 women.

– Secured $1️.2 million in investment from the USAID Africa Trade and Investment programme, which will help to increase their factory capacity, extend sales and distribution to two additional counties in Liberia, expand to 60 more villages, launch in another two West African countries and cover organic certification costs.

A message from the founder

“Our goal at J-Palm has always been to build a business that helps local communities thrive economically, while preserving and enhancing the natural environment. The partnership with GSMA enables us to scale our work in important ways that build climate resilience and economic stability in rural communities in Liberia.”



Mahmud Johnson

Team | 51 – 200 employees


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