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Knowledge Platform’s Learn Smart Pakistan is a gamified cloud learning platform for students.


In Pakistan, quality education is only affordable for middle- and high-income groups, leaving millions of students out of school. Although online learning resources are available, most people cannot afford a smartphone, tablet or internet connection to pursue online education.


The GSMA supported Knowledge Platform in March 2021 to roll out mobile educational devices through microfinancing, with the goal of introducing one education device per family. Knowledge Platform now provides access to quality education through a bundled learning app aimed at five- to 15-year-olds in Pakistan. They address the affordability barrier by offering a smartphone or tablet financing scheme to underserved communities, enabling users to pay in instalments. They also partnered with Jazz Pakistan, which provides mobile internet to Knowledge Platform users at a subsidised rate.


Since partnering with the GSMA, Knowledge Platform has:

– Onboarded 123 new schools to their platform.

– Registered more than 10,000 students on their Learn Smart Pakistan mobile app and just over 159,000 students on their Learn Smart Pakistan web portal.

– Partnered with Zong 4G in July 2023 to provide tailored courses to more than 60 schools in marginalised areas along the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.


A message from the CEO

“A lack of affordable devices and 3G/4G internet access are barriers to online education. To solve this challenge, we want to launch an educational tablet. Also available on instalments, our educational tablet will come with internet access, personalized learning, digital content, games, assessment, and data.”

– Talhah Munir Khan, CEO, Knowledge Platform


Talhah Munir Khan

Team | 51–200 employees


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