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The problem

The upland areas of Northern Thailand and neighbouring areas in Laos, Myanmar, and China have been home to forest-dwelling communities for thousands of years. These communities are under threat, as Northern Thailand has lost over a fifth of its forest cover between 1973 and 2020, primarily due to logging and the expansion of cash crops. Deforestation was accompanied by a loss of biodiversity and increased exposure to the impacts of climate change. Minority upland communities face increasing difficulties in sustaining their livelihoods amidst these challenges.

The company

Monsoon Tea Company specialises in unique tea grown in harmony with the forests of Northern Thailand. By growing tea in the forest and creating delicious blends for customers, the company seeks to help prevent deforestation, preserve biodiversity, and provide local communities with a stable source of income.

Monsoon Tea Company has five shops in Thailand and receives orders from all over the world. Their customer base includes some of the world’s best hotels and restaurants

Project description

Monsoon Tea Company will create a traceability app for forest grown tea from the Thai mountains. The app will reward farmers for biodiversity services and inform tea buyers about the positive impact of the tea on forest biodiversity.


Kenneth Rimdahl, Founder

Worakan Wongfu, Co-founder

Quote from Founder

“Protect nature and create incomes for local communities by drinking Monsoon’s forest friendly tea.”


25 staff members.

Monsoon Team Company Staff

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