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The problem

Philippines lack tech-based and mobile-enabled technology that can generate real-time hazard information and localized forecasts, along with an end-to-end alert dissemination system at the local level. As a result, local communities cannot rely on any effective early warning method to safeguard them from possible disasters. Hence, there is an urgent need to build a technology-based system for directly broadcasting early warnings to at-risk people in provinces of Mindanao that are not covered by national monitoring systems.

The organisation

People in Need (PIN) is a not-for-profit organisation that strives for a world in which people can fulfil their potential, live in inclusive societies and in a sustainable manner. PIN provides humanitarian aid in critical regions around the world in the spirit of the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and help people overcome disaster and support them in the time of recovery so that they can get back on their feet.

Project description

The GSMA is supporting People in Need to:

  • Generate risk data and real-time hazard information through tech-based early warning instruments connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Develop alert dissemination models using mobile technology to actively disseminate timely alerts (SMS and social media).
  • Raise community awareness of disaster and response actions through IEC campaigns utilising socialisation and digital platforms with sub-activities as community-level orientations and awareness campaigns through social media.
  • Enhance the local preparedness, emergency, and humanitarian management action plan which will include contingency plan assessment, planning and simulation exercises.
A message from the Country Director
“Mobile technologies are crucial in early warning systems, making it much easier to reach people via SMS or phone calls. These technologies are essentially the foundation for successful early warning systems worldwide. With the support of the GSMA Fund, we aim to collaboratively develop a comprehensive early warning system with telecommunication companies, government agencies, local government units, and communities. Our goal is to create an environment that can be replicated across different islands in the Philippines in the future.”
– Lucas Laube, Country Director Philippines
Country Director
A man with a beard wearing glasses, a blue shirt, and a blazer smiles gently in an outdoor setting.

Lucas Laube, Country Director, Philippines

Team | 1 - 10 employees (Philippines office)

Group of nine diverse individuals posing for portraits, each representing participants of the STREAM-Early Warning System Project in Mindanao, Philippines.


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