Nigeria | Food loss and waste

The problem

Climate change-induced issues such as droughts, untimely rainfall, flooding of farmlands, rising temperatures, and increasing aridity have a detrimental impact on agricultural production in Nigeria. These changes result in reduced crop yields and lower-quality produce, leading to economic losses for farmers and food producers. Additionally, post-harvest losses further compound these financial challenges, as valuable resources are wasted. Consumers are also negatively impacted, as food waste and reduced crop yields result in higher food costs and limited access to affordable, nutritious options.

The company

Pricepally is an e-commerce platform connecting consumers to affordable, fresh, bulk food directly from farmers and wholesalers.

Project description

Pricepally has developed an online grocery store that connects consumers and enables bulk purchases of affordable, fresh, and high-quality food directly from farmers and suppliers. The project sets out to enhance the existing consumer and operational app, as well as building a new integrated inventory management system.

The project will concentrate on improving the current consumer app by incorporating gamification to increase customer acquisition and demand. It will also enhance the operational app to streamline supply processes and encourage data sharing with farmers and producers, thereby improving production planning and reducing distribution challenges that could lead to post-harvest losses. Furthermore, the project will aid in the development of an integrated inventory management system for wholesalers, effectively addressing inventory issues such as overstocking and understocking, thus minimising food losses.


Luther Lawoyin, CEO & Founder

Jummai Abalaka, COO

Mosunmola Lawoyin, CXO

Quote from Founder

“We are developing the next-generation smart alternative food system for African cities. Pricepally enables direct farm-to-fork fresh food distribution. We cut food costs by up to 25% for families and elevate food producers’ incomes by over 30%.”


staff members.

155 staff members.

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