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JanaJal WOW provides mobile water ATMs for middle- and low-income groups, small vendors, food carts, shops and business owners.


In Delhi, 1.8 million people live in 800 slums without a secured, piped water connection. Despite demand and willingness to pay for safe water, they must buy water from unreliable sources that lack quality assurance and are unable to reach many areas. These sources are often considerably more expensive than water provided by the utility.


JanaJal operates multiple static water ATMs and JanaJal WOW (Water on Wheels), an IoT-based, clean fuel-powered, mobile water delivery vehicle across Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Surat, Maharashtra and other densely populated areas. JanaJal WOW (JJWOW), a custom-built three-wheeled vehicle, was developed for the last-mile delivery of safe water to the doorstep of households. After successfully prototyping the JJWOW service, the GSMA supported JanaJal in March 2022 to trial and launch 25 JJWOW vehicles. Each JJWOW is IoT-enabled and distributes up to 3,000 litres of water per day. They offer real-time monitoring of water quality and customer orders remotely supported by their proprietary tech platform JJSUITE.


Since partnering with the GSMA, JanaJal WOW has:

– Scaled from two to 32 JJWOWs and reached more than 12,082 users in three cities in India.

– Provided clean household drinking water to more than 48,000 people.

– Reported that 73% of users have gained access to safe drinking water services and 73% of their customer base use digital payment services instead of cash.

A message from the founder

“The support from the GSMA has enabled us to penetrate densely populated sections of Delhi which would have otherwise been a challenge in terms of undergoing the compliance process to set up static water ATMs.”

– Dr. Parag Agarwal, Founder

Founder and Co-founder

Dr. Parag Agarwal

Team | 51 – 200 employees


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