Kenya | Humanitarian, Mapping and weather alerts

The problem

In Kenya, there is lack of accurate and timely data that smallholder farmers have access to, which results in poor crop yields and increased vulnerability to humanitarian crises. These farmers often have limited access to resources and are disproportionately affected by climate change.

The organisation

Synnefa is a smart farming solutions company that provides holistic hardware and software to farmers in order to increase their yield and productivity while reducing risk. Synnefa provides solutions that address unpredictable weather patterns and harvest cycles resulting in inconsistent incomes, impacting access to credit on traditional payment cycles. Their ultimate goal is to empower farmers to improve their livelihoods. Synnefa believes that by leveraging technology, they can help farmers grow more, earn more, and live better lives.

Project description

The GSMA is supporting Synnefa to:

  • Integrate satellite imagery into Synnefa’s farm management platform, FarmCloud, to provide real-time data on crop health and weather patterns.
  • Develop a USSD-based interface for smallholder farmers who may not have access to smartphones or high-speed internet to ensure that all farmers, regardless of their level of technology access, can benefit from the early warning system.
  • Test and validate the new system in select pilot communities to ensure it is meeting the needs of farmers and providing accurate and actionable information.
  • Scale up and roll-out of the solution to additional communities and regions across Africa.
A message from the founder
“Solving for humanitarian action is going to be a long game, it will need partners that understand the value of creating change through partnerships and we are excited to have partnered with the GSMA to use satellite technology to secure the futures of farmers in Africa.”
– Taita Ngetich, Founder and CEO
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Taita Ngetich, Founder and CEO

Team | 11 - 50 employees

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