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Zonful Energy provides modular, decentralised and scalable PAYG solar energy systems to rural, urban and peri-urban off-grid customers.


In Zimbabwe, only 56.5% of the population use the internet, which means 7.6 million people are not online.


By procuring, marketing and distributing low-cost smartphones and data bundles with 24-month data plans from Econet, Zonful Energy aims to reduce the mobile internet gap in Zimbabwe through an affordable PAYG model. Smartphones and data bundles are available to both their SHS customers and other customers. With the GSMA grant they received in March 2021, they also tackled the digital skills barrier by teaching customers how to use mobile internet through the GSMA Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit (MISTT), in collaboration with Econet.


Since partnering with the GSMA, Zonful Energy has:

– Sold 8,500 PAYG smartphones, 5,100 of which to women. Their customers purchased more than 14,000 GB of data during the GSMA grant period.

– Hosted 114 digital clinics in different regions of Zimbabwe, with MISTT content translated into two local languages as part of the grant.

– Been ranked by SolarEyes International as one of Zimbabwe’s fastest growing and innovative solar companies.

A message from the founder

“There is a huge potential to scale. We have gone through the pilot and already there is a huge demand in terms of customers wanting to move away from the basic phones.”

– William Ponella, Founder and CEO


William Ponella

Team | 10-50 employees


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