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As part of the Connected Women Programme’s Commitment Partner initiative, Safaricom has committed to increase the number of women who use their mobile money service from 46% to 50% and their data services from 47% to 50% by 2023.


“At Safaricom, we believe that a more equitable and just society is not possible if all members are not present. In line with SDG 10 of reducing inequalities, we are committed to protecting and promoting the rights of women.

Mobile phone penetration has enabled women to gain access to vital information from the internet and has opened up a world of opportunities that has made a huge impact in their lives. We continue to work towards reducing the mobile gender gap, to allow the benefits of connectivity to be shared equally. This is why we are pleased to be part of the GSMA’s Connected Woman Initiative.”

– Fawzia Kimanthi, Chief Consumer Business Officer

Lipa Mdogo Mdogo

In line with Safaricom’s purpose of “Transforming Lives” and their goal to achieve 20 million customers with LTE devices by 2023, there was need to spur smartphone acceleration by addressing affordability. In 2020, Safaricom launched Lipa Mdogo Mdogo in partnership with Android, which empowers eligible customers access to the internet and the world of possibilities through a smartphone that they can pay-as-they-use on a daily or weekly basis.

A first in the world, the programme addresses the high initial costs, which has barred many from accessing smartphones. Eligible customers can acquire the “Neon Ray Pro”, a 4G Android (Go edition) smartphone that originally retailed for KES 6,500, by making a down payment of KES 500 and subsequent daily payments of KES 20.

To participate, customers dial *544# and accept the terms and conditions to opt into the service, after which they will receive an SMS approval of their eligibility and the value of the device they can purchase under the service. Eligibility of the financing plan will be based on customer credit score. The subscriber will need a history with Safaricom network going back at least one year and be between 18-75 years of age.

Since launch the product has reported the following performance:

  • 950,000 customers have picked up the product, 51% of whom were women. More than 50% have completed paying for the device.
  • 94% of Data Active Neon Ray Pro devices are attached to the network.


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