Tuesday February 23, 2016

Content in Latin America: Shift to local, shift to mobile

Digital inclusion – defined here as the expansion of global connectivity and mobile internet adoption – can deliver broad economic and social benefits by bringing communications services to previously unconnected populations. This in turn can help reduce poverty, improve infrastructure and services, and further increase internet access and usage. Unconnected and underserved communities risk falling further behind, widening the digital divide, if the barriers to digital inclusion remain unaddressed.

This report is one of a three-part series on digital inclusion in Latin America and focuses on lack of locally relevant content as a barrier. The other two reports discuss network coverage and an overall analysis of digital inclusion barriers in the region.

Download: Content in Latin America: Shift to local, shift to mobile

Download: Contenido en América Latina: La importancia del Contenido Local para la Inclusión Digita – Espanol

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