Wednesday April 22, 2020

Ecosystem Accelerator Compass: Insights on Start-ups and Mobile in Emerging Markets, Issue 7

Person looking at mobile phone smiling, light is reflecting on face in dark room

We’d like to present the newest issue in our updated quarterly publication — the Ecosystem Accelerator Compass. This publication helps our stakeholders navigate the world of start-ups and mobile technology in emerging markets. The Ecosystem Accelerator Compass is aimed at a wide range of stakeholders. These include:

  • Mobile operators and start-ups, which are at the centre of our work, and that we truly believe hold the key to large-scale impactful digital transformation;
  • Tech hubs, which play a critical role in local innovation ecosystems, and have the power to promote innovation and collaboration;
  • Investors that provide the capital to help projects get off the ground and scale; and
  • Anyone who recognises that start-ups and mobile technology are forces to be reckoned with in addressing the SDGs in a commercially sustainable manner.

We look forward to hearing what you think.

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