Wednesday March 1, 2023

IoT for Development: Use cases delivering impact

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Low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) are home to just over 6.5 billion people, with 57% of the LMIC population living in three regions (Sub-Saharan Africa, South and Southeast Asia). Internet of Things (IoT) solutions offer significant potential for achieving development impact, and enable citizens, cities and states with new capabilities to respond to emerging threats.

This report outlines the opportunities IoT solutions present for achieving development outcomes in LMICs. It provides a framework for understanding IoT deployments and the connectivity landscape, and a series of 10 purposively selected use cases that bring these to life by discussing the practicalities of deployments in more detail. This report provides a guide for navigating IoT deployments from an enabling technology perspective and on the state of deployments of IoT in LMICs. The report:

  • Forecasts for IoT connections in the focus regions to 2030
  • Clearly explains how to understand IoT solution architecture, and equips readers to understand deployments
  • Provides country-level data on the state of network deployments, including where specialist IoT networks have been deployed and are being used
  • Profiles many of the of innovators and MNOs leading on high-impact deployments
  • Discusses key use cases across a range of sectors
  • Makes recommendations for accelerating adoption addressed to key stakeholder groups

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