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The GSMA AgriTech Toolkit for the digitisation of agricultural value chains

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The Toolkit for the Digitisation of Agricultural Value Chains is a collection of resources that illustrate how digital technologies can address pain points for farmers and value chain actors, such as agribusinesses and cooperatives, in the agricultural last mile. These resources support the use of digital technologies for digital procurement, by enabling the transition from paper to digital for a range of systems and processes in the last mile. The toolkit explains how digitising the last mile increases the farmer share and offers a pathway to financial inclusion.

The toolkit has been designed to be read either as a complete document from start to finish, or as individual chapters if one is working through a particular challenge. Although each chapter may be more relevant to specific audiences, readers would benefit from reading the report in its entirety.

The toolkit consists of an introduction and the following six chapters. The toolkit was first published in March 2020, and expanded in July 2022 with the inclusion of Chapter 6.

Introduction: digitising agricultural value chains promotes financial inclusion for farmers


Read how the transition from paper to digital for a range of systems and processes in the last mile can address pain points of value chain actors and offer a pathway to financial inclusion for farmers.

The business case for MNOs and mobile money providers to invest in last mile digitisation


Learn how the deployment of digital technologies in the last mile, particularly those that digitise procurement payments, can benefit MNOs and mobile money providers and promote financial inclusion for farmers.

The business case for agribusinesses to invest in last mile digitisation


Explore the business case for agricultural organisations (i.e. agribusinesses and cooperatives) to use holistic digital agriculture tools that address the pain points crop buyers face with last mile sourcing.

Prerequisites to digitising the agricultural last mile


Discover the range of initiatives MNOs and mobile money providers can pursue to address the prerequisites to digitise agricultural value chains and address the challenges they face in rural areas.

The GSMA Value Chain Assessment Tool (VCAT)


Study the GSMA framework for analysing value chains that supports with the selection of suitable value chains and the identification of agricultural organisation partners for the digitisation of  procurement payments.

Digital footprints and economic identities for farmers

Understand the opportunity to bridge the data gap in smallholder financing, build economic identities for farmers and advance financial inclusion by using digital footprints that digital agriculture tools generate.

The business case for farmers to participate in digitised value chains

Discover the impact of digitised agricultural value chains on farmer share, or proportion of the price that farmers receive for the produce they sell.




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