Monday April 20, 2020

The GSMA Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Hub: Impact and insights from inception to industry transition

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The IPN Hub has processed notifications for over 4.7 million unique payment transactions and there are indications that it has played a role in impacting approximately 230,000 households with improved access to energy services. In this case study we explore the impacts and our insights from the GSMA Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Hub since its pilot in Rwanda in December 2016 until its ongoing transition to the industry.

The GSMA is now in the process of transitioning the IPN Hub to Beyonic Inc., and is excited about the future growth it can support. As we hand over this asset, we’re pleased to share what we have learned while building it, and the value it demonstrated for the industry. The GSMA is proud to have built the IPN Hub to enable its mobile operator members and utility stakeholders to work together towards shared business and development objectives. We’re thrilled to see the IPN Hub live on to support further industry collaboration. We thank our funders, MasterCard Foundation and the UK Department for International Development (DFID), as well as our mobile operator members and utility service providers that supported the delivery of the IPN Hub.

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