Thursday May 9, 2019

Webinar on Demand: Understanding the Mobile Gender Gap in 2019

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What is the size of the mobile gender gap in 2019? How would closing it impact the economy and what can policy makers, international organisations and industry players do to address it? 

Mobile is a key tool to drive digital inclusion, with the potential to connect women to all the benefits that the internet can offer. Particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), access to and use of a mobile can be empowering for women, making them feel safer, more connected and provides access to a range of life-enhancing information and services.

But while 250 million more women have been newly connected via mobile since 2014 in LMICs, the gender gap in mobile ownership shows no sign of closing. Women are still 10% less likely than men to own a mobile, and 23% less likely to use mobile internet. Action is needed to close this gap.

The Connected Women team hosted a webinar to share the key insights and recommendations from the Mobile Gender Gap Report 2019. Watch the webinar recording here and learn:

  • 2019 estimates of the size of the mobile gender gap
  • The key barriers to mobile ownership and use for women
  • The steps that stakeholders should take to reduce this gender gap
  • An estimate of the economic impact of closing the mobile internet gender gap in LMICs
  • An updated estimate of the commercial opportunity of closing the mobile gender gap for the mobile industry

Click here to download the Mobile Gender Gap Report 2019.

The webinar and report are also available in French and Spanish.

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