Webinar – Weather Forecasting & Monitoring: Mobile Solutions for Climate Resilience

In the developing world, the availability of localised, granular weather forecasts can provide immense value to the 2 billion smallholder farmers who depend on rain for their daily agriculture activities. This need is made greater by the impact of climate change that is resulting in changing weather patterns. In February 2016, the GSMA mAgri programme released a report exploring new cases for weather advisory services via mobile, and highlighting the role mobile operators can play in driving forward innovation in weather monitoring and forecasting.

On 31 August 2016, our mAgri team hosted a webinar to provide key insights from this study. The webinar presented the opportunity to improve the quality of weather forecasts delivered via mobile and evolve the mAgri value proposition to weather adaptive, climate smart advisory, in turn increasing the potential for scalability and impact of mAgri services. Here’s the full recording:


The webinar covers the following topics:

1- Introduction to GSMA mAgri;
2- Why mobile?;
3- The role of mobile in improving the quality of weather data;
4- Evolution to weather adaptive and climate smart services;
5- Mobile weather index insurance; and
6- Key Takeaways.

You can download the full slides from the webinar here.

Our full report is also available here.


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