Africa Solar Designs

Trialling the Community Power for Mobile Model in Kenya

Grantee Details

Name of project: Trialling the Community Power for Mobile Model in Kenya
Project location : Kenya
Type of grant: Seed
Grant awarded : February 2014
Partners : Airtel Kenya

African Solar Designs, in partnership with Airtel Kenya, set out to provide renewable power to an Airtel base station and also electrify a nearby community though a micro-grid for businesses and an energy kiosk for households to access charging and solar products. This seed grant attempted to trial the community power from mobile model, generating lessons about this business opportunity for a rural energy service company.


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“ASD learned two key lessons about using base stations as anchor loads during this work. First, there is a huge difference between community energy access and 100% no-risk supply of power to large telecoms. Secondly, we learned that the A-B-C model has a large potential. However, until the idea is scaled, telecoms may not be first to invest. ASD’s business model pursues mini-grid opportunities where there is a potential to reach both commercial clients and communities.” – Mark Hankins, CEO, African Solar Designs, Ltd.