CBSA-Container Based Sanitation Alliance

Mobile application and web tool for Container Based Sanitation providers

Grantee Details

Name of project: Mobile application and web tool for Container Based Sanitation providers
Project location: Madagascar, Haiti, Kenya and Peru
Type of grant: Seed
Grant awarded: May 2017
Partners: Xrunner, SOIL, Sanivation and Loowatt

Building off the experience of its members, the Container Based Saniation Alliance (CBSA) will develop a mobile application and web based platform to support the efficient delivery of household sanitation services across multiple countries. The project will benchmark existing efforts and work to build a common platform that can serve the growing CBS sector while still being adapted to the specific needs of varying service models and contexts. The platform will address both customer relationship management, billing and mobile payments, and track the safe  disposal of waste from household to treatment.


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“The member organizations of Container-Based Sanitation Alliance (CBSA) are all primarily focused on expanding access to dignified, safe and affordable sanitation for families and communities in dense urban areas. In order to operate efficiently and deliver quality sanitation services in the most complex and difficult urban environments around the world, CBSA members need to be able to monitor service quality, process payments, navigate logistics and stay engaged with customers. What makes this especially challenging is that it needs to be done while moving around highly informal and rapidly changing settlements and communities. The use of mobile technology is essential for CBSA members to reach scale and deliver dignified, safe and affordable sanitation for the over one billion individuals living in urban areas globally.” – Kory Russel, Chair of the Container-Based Sanitation Alliance