Fenix International

Scaling pay-as-you-go solar in Uganda

Grantee Details

Name of project: Scaling pay-as-you-go solar in Uganda
Project location : Uganda
Type of grant: Market Validation
Grant awarded : February 2014
Partners : MTN Uganda

Fenix International, in partnership with MTN Uganda, scaled their new  pay-as-you-go system “ReadyPay Power” to enable solar-powered lighting and phone charging. This market validation grant tested the introduction of ReadyPay home and business products through joint marketing and distribution with MTN.


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”People perceive MTN as a strong, authentic brand. They associate MTN with quality. In a market that has been abused by cheap, low quality products, the MTN brand provides Fenix with more acceptance than if we were selling on our own. Whenever we show up in an MTN van, a crowd assembles and we have an audience to talk to about Fenix. MTN also benefits from its association with Fenix. We have had many people say that MTN cares for them because it goes beyond the normal practice of pushing airtime and connections. It solves a critical need by bringing them safe and affordable energy.” – Calvin Kaumi, National Sales Manager for Fenix