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A Better Service: the Loowatt ICT Sanitation Platform

Grantee Details

Name of project: A Better Service: the Loowatt ICT Sanitation Platform
Project location: Madagascar
Grant awarded: May 2015
Grant awarded: SAMVA Municipal Waste Treatment Facility and Pit Emptiers' Association

Loowatt will develop and test an ICT platform and mobile application to improve the coordination of waste collection logistics and customer service associated to their waterless toilets for households in an urban area of Antananarivo, Madagascar. The seed grant aims to prove the value of ICT and mobile services on reducing the cost of waste logistics, improving the likelihood of safe waste disposal and collecting mobile payments from customers for their sanitation needs.


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“Our mobile ICT platform aims to empower local urban sanitation operators by improving cost efficiency and verifying the provision of safe and sustainable waste treatment.” – Virginia Gardiner, CEO, Loowatt Ltd.