Safe Water Network

Safe Water Network has focused on solving the twin challenges of drinking water quality and sustainability

Grantee Details

Name of project: Real-time Data for Improved Water Service Delivery - Ghana
Project location: Ghana
Type of grant: Seed
Grant awarded: September 2015
Name of project: Phase 3: Optimising the Small Water Enterprise Model through mobile money and M2M technologies
Project location: Ghana
Type of grant: Market Validation
Partners: MTN Ghana

Since its founding in 2006, Safe Water Network has focused on solving the twin challenges of drinking water quality and sustainability. A comprehensive model of water supply is anchored by the Safe Water Station – a community-level water treatment facility that produces high-quality water sold at affordable rates. This project will use mobile data collection to improve both the monitoring of water points and response to maintenance issues for better water service delivery to small towns and peri-urban Ghanaian communities.

Safe Water Network aims to launch mobile money services and machine-to-machine connectivity for water ATMs and prepaid household meters in partnership with MTN Ghana. Through this use of mobile technology, they will be able to scale and improve access to water services for residents of Ghana.


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“We believe mobile monitoring will play a critical role in improving operations and reducing the costs of water service delivery for millions in need, served by Safe Water Network and others in the water sector.” – CEO, Safe Water Network, Kurt Soderlund

“In partnership with GSMA, we’re using mobile innovations to reduce costs and simplify collections for our consumers. This is essential for enabling the scale-up of safe water for more than a billion people in need globally.” – Kurt Soderlund, CEO